We all want different things for our family. So, when developing a will or trust, make sure you create one tailored to your needs. At the Law Office of James M. Marshall, we provide a wide range of estate planning services for individuals and families across Middle Tennessee. From wills and trusts to powers of attorney and business succession planning, we will help you evaluate your options and find a plan that will honor your wishes and work for your family.

Every family is different, and that is why it makes sense to craft a unique estate plan that will meet both immediate and long-term goals. The Law Office of James M. Marshall, we can answer your estate planning questions and help you evaluate your options, including:

  • Powers of attorney: Come up with a plan for your end of life care with the help of a healthcare proxy, advance medical directive, living will, or financial power of attorney.
  • Trusts for tax planning: Minimize the tax impact on the gifts to your beneficiaries with the help of living trusts, revocable trusts, or irrevocable trusts.
  • Special needs trust: This is a special trust available to benefit those who have special needs, including disabled adults, children, and the elderly.
  • Business succession planning: We can help you protect the future of your business through business succession planning.

In addition to our comprehensive estate planning practice, we also handle probate administration, guardianships and conservatorships.


Nothing is harder than losing a loved one. While your family is going through this difficult time, you will also have to prepare for the probate administration process. At the Law Office of James M. Marshall, we can help you through the probation administration process. We will help you simplify the process, and make sure you understand your duties, obligations, and rights.

If you have been named as the executor of the will, you may not know where to begin. We will guide you through the entire process and help you in the administration of all your duties. Because our estate planning practice is comprehensive, we understand how wills, trusts, and business succession plans are supposed to operate. We will make sure the probate process runs as smoothly as possible.

Will Contests

People do not always see eye to eye when it comes to the administration of a will or trust. If you are involved in a dispute over a will or trust, we can help protect your rights in court. Whether you are bringing the will contest or defending against it, we will make sure you understand your rights and obligations.