Learn About Schedule II Drug Charges in Tennessee

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Schedule II drugs are addictive substances that are sometimes used for medical purposes. Schedule II drugs are:

  • Opium
  • Cocaine
  • Methadone
  • Methamphetamines
  • Amphetamines

If you've been arrested for selling, manufacturing, possessing or using a Schedule II drug, you need to contact The Law Offices of James Marshall for legal guidance and representation.

Attorney Marshall will represent you in court and attempt to protect you from significant jail time and fines. Choose a qualified and knowledgeable drug crimes attorney for your case in Spring Hill, TN. Call The Law Offices of James Marshall today to discuss a plan of action for your case.

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While a simple drug possession may sound like a small offense, your charges could create significant problems for you in the future. Don't let one citation or arrest put you down the wrong path. Attorney Marshall can help you with your case. He will:
  • Explain what your citation or arrest means
  • Discuss options for your case and a potential plan of action
  • Represent you in court passionately to help you avoid jail time

A simple possession charge can change the course of your life. Call The Law Offices of James Marshall as soon as possible to speak about your situation with a qualified attorney.