What Is Power of Attorney?

What Is Power of Attorney?

Decide who can make legal decisions on your behalf in Spring Hill, TN

Power of attorney is a legal setup that grants one person the authority to make legally binding decisions on your behalf. When you choose to grant someone power of attorney, it’s extremely important to choose someone you trust. The power of attorney agreement allows another person to:

  • Handle your financial matters
  • Make your health care decisions
  • Care for your children

No matter your stage of life, you want to rely on an experienced attorney to help you set up power of attorney. Call The Law Offices of James Marshall today to schedule your consultation in Spring Hill, TN.

What are your power of attorney options?

You have a few options for power of attorney. The three types include:

1. Limited power of attorney
2. Durable power of attorney
3. Springing power of attorney

The Law Offices of James Marshall can help you decide which option is right for you and will guide you through the legal process of setting it up. Call now to learn more about the power of attorney process.