Criminal Consequences Of Teen Sexting

When parents hand their preteen or teenager a cell phone, they are not always prepared or able to fully prepare their child for the possible dangers awaiting them. One activity some teens participate in at some point is sexting. Sexting is the sending nude, partially nude or sexually explicit pictures via cell phones. With the use […]

Understanding Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

Most people know that you have to be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt when facing trial, but may not have actually given it much thought until they are facing serious criminal charges. In court, the prosecutor carries the burden of proof, meaning they need to convince the court that the defendant is guilty of […]

Understanding Grand Jury Proceedings

Even though most people have heard of a grand jury or grand jury proceedings, many do not know what such proceedings entail. If you or a loved one is the subject of one, you will want to understand what is involved and what occurs at a grand jury hearing.  If you think you may be […]

Fighting Juvenile Criminal Charges

Parents may panic if their minor child is charged with any criminal offense. While it may be alarming and definitely scary, the truth is you need to take a deep breath. Your first step is to call your Tennessee criminal defense attorney experienced with handling juvenile criminal charges. Sometimes minors mess up, but I believe they […]

Know The Laws For Cell Phone Use While Voting

If you have even considered whipping out your phone when you head to the polls, you should make sure you know the laws for cell phone use while voting in Tennessee beforehand. The Tennessee Legislature passed a law in 2015 to ensure voters could use their cell phones in order to look up a sample […]

Paying Child Support Past The Age Of Majority

Often, courts continue child support for a special needs child past the age of majority. In Tennessee, all parents must legally support each child until a child is 18. However, if a child turns 18 and is still completing high school, support often must continue. In some cases , however, a parent may need to continue paying […]