Know The Laws For Cell Phone Use While Voting

If you have even considered whipping out your phone when you head to the polls, you should make sure you know the laws for cell phone use while voting in Tennessee beforehand.

The Tennessee Legislature passed a law in 2015 to ensure voters could use their cell phones in order to look up a sample ballot or candidate information. The enacted law allows voters to use cell phones for information purposes only. The state enacted two amendments to the law, the second took effect the beginning of 2016. Critics expressed concern that using a cell phone in a polling place may infringe on fair elections, but proponents argued it gave voters the information they needed to make their decisions.

So, according to the state law, a voter’s non-disruptive efforts to obtain election information through their cell phones should be allowed. However, cell phone use while voting ends there in Tennessee. The law does not protect voters who use their cell phones to take pictures of the booths, other voters or selfies with their ballots. While breaking this law doesn’t rank with some more serious crimes, it is crucial to know your rights as you head into the polls. Laws often change to keep up with changing technologies.

As a voter, you also may not speak on your phone or record videos while in your polling place, not just while you are voting. So when you head into cast your vote this election, you may want to leave your phone off unless you need to look up information on a specific issue or candidate.

Find information regarding specific election laws in Tennessee here under Title 2 Elections.

We know that laws often change and sometimes it may be unclear what is legally allowed or not allowed. The Law Office of James Marshall, will assist you if you find yourself in trouble with the law.